Secure Exchange

Creating new visual identity and revised user experience helped position SecureExchange as experienced and trusted in the P2P category. By providing a clean look and feel, with lifestyle photography the brand elevated from a startup to an established partner for big financial institutions.

It began with a brand concept exploration and identity design. This provided a foundation to build the website. The responsive site was built from the ground up by exploring content strategy, UX and UI design to provide a simple, but engaging digital experience.

Conceptual Exploration

SecureExchange is a peer-to-peer payment product, that tied closely to larger financial institutions. But it didn't start as SecureExchange. Before that the product went through multiple names and conceptual directions. Below are examples of two approaches to the brand that could have taken it in a much different direction.

Ultimately, the big banks wanted something that was less about ease of use, and became more about security. That mandated a much different aesthetic (below), but it's fun to see what it could have been.

New Name and Look

When it came time to capture security in the visual identity, I explored all the expected motifs: locks, shields, safes, etc. But those felt too familiar and I wanted something more clear and simple. The goal was to create a word mark, that would have a comfort level for most stakeholders. But then focusing on a singular element of the word mark to make it ownable. The "EX" became a nice part of the mark to give a unique approach to the typography. That angle became an element that we could use widely through the rest of the brand applications.

The color had to feel... money-ish.

When developing a color palette for SecureExchange, it had to be new and fresh. But it also had to communicate money/finances. The primary green skewed a bit toward mint to feel unique. The gold was used purely as an accent. I wanted green to be the dominant tone, therefore imagery and accents became very subdued.

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