Bay Area Discovery Museum

The Bay Area Discovery Museum identity was created with elements that tell the story of creativity in a simple, clear way. As the most simple of creative materials, the primitive shapes allow children to use their imagination to see beyond the block to something truly new and engaging. Each character uses the shapes (circles, squares and triangles) in different relationships to form unique letterforms which become the foundation for the new identity.

A different take on primary colors

The color palette for BADM was chosen to emulate the energy and passion within the organization. The primary colors capture that idea of primitive elements, but they skew away from the expected hues to provide something unique. A set of neutral tones have been added to support the vibrant primaries.

Center for Childhood Creativity

BADM's programs are based on CCC’s research frameworks, and CCC accesses BADM’s audiences and programs to inform its research endeavors. As a related brand, CCC and BADM exist on their own, but stylistically both brands are linked together. Each one provides equity to the other to add legitimacy to its mission and capabilities.

Other recent projects




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