Chris Inclenrock is a versatile Creative Director and Designer shaping brands, campaigns, identities and digital experiences through distinctive visual style and expression.


A visionary Creative Director and Designer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in leading cross-functional teams to create impactful brands, campaigns, and digital experiences. Adept at crafting strategic creative solutions across identity, advertising, OOH, web, events, product, social, and packaging to drive brand growth and awareness.


  • Branding and Identity Design

    Innovative ideas and concepts to represent brand, logos and design systems
  • Websites and Landing Pages

    Creating intuitive and user-friendly digital experiences
  • Social Assets and Content Creation

    Crafting compelling visuals and content tailored for social media platforms
  • Advertising and Campaigns

    Developing innovative campaign ideas and strategies to achieve marketing objectives
  • Other Services

    Custom Illustration / Motion Graphics / Creative Consulting / Webflow Development / Packaging Design / Custom Typography / Experiential Design

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